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Certified Diamonds with
360° View

Every diamond is unique

We have made 360° view of all diamonds. This allow you to choose your perfect diamond for your special moment.

All diamonds come with certificates from internationally recognized labs, this way you’re sure you are getting what you paid for.

Certified diamonds

certified diamonds collection

  • Round Cut

    Round Cut

    Round cut

  • Princess Cut

    Princess Cut

    princess cut

  • Cushion Cut

    Cushion Cut

    cushion cut

  • Emerald Cut

    Emerald Cut

    Emerald Cut

  • Oval


    Oval cut

  • Radiant


    Radiant Cut

  • Asscher


    Asscher cut

  • Marquise


    Marquise cut

  • Heart


    The ultimate symbol of love, the heart shaped diamond is among the most romantic of the diamond shapes.

  • Pear


    Tradition and brilliance are combined in pear shaped diamonds, creating a stone which makes light 'dance.'

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